Telling the Stories of Cacao Farmers

I worked with an award-winning, craft chocolate company to tell the stories of their cacao farmers.

Going beyond the the bar

International Chocolate Award winner, Nina Chocolates, is one of the few companies to pay their cacao farmers fair wages. I worked with them to produce a series of videos that highlights the people and process behind their confections.

Episode 1


In this episode, Nina Chocolates’ director of operations and agricultural engineer takes us through the rainforest as he visits farmers to give them advice.

Episode 2


It takes over 40 cacao beans to make one bar of chocolate. Join Gilberto as he harvest hundreds of fruits and avoids getting bit by giant, poisonous ants.

Episode 3


Harvesting cacao isn’t for the lazy, as Guillermo always says. For this episode, I had to cross rivers and climb hills to keep up.

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